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Thus, this strategy should be executed when the trader anticipates the volatility to be low; so that the underlying asset would expire within the the strike prices of the sold call, and, the sold put. The goal is to earn as much premium as possible on the sold options.

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With the passage of time, option premiums decay; and, hence the best time to execute this strategy would be at least two to three days before the expiry; for weekly options — this is not a strict rule though; and, the trader needs to consider the volatility. Remember to execute this strategy on a stock which has high liquidity, as the trader runs the risk of assignment on the sold options.

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An options trader constructs a long iron condor by:. This is the maximum profit the trader can make. All the options except the sold July 55 Call expire worthless. All the options except the sold July 45 Put expire worthless. If the volatility increases, and, the underlying asset expires outside the range of strike prices of the sold call, and, the sold put, this strategy would result in a loss. Hence, increase in volatility, everything else being the same, would have a negative impact on this strategy. The passage of time, everything else being the same, would have a positive impact on this strategy.

With the passage of time, option premiums decay. As this strategy gives a net credit of the premium to the trader, passage of time helps the trader to earn premium due to the time decay of the premium.

Should this happen, the trader can decide to either close out the resulting position in the market, or, to exercise one of the options Put or Call — as the case be. An options trader expects the volatility to be low; and, thus, constructs a long iron condor by:.

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The table below shows the payoff; at different prices of Google, on expiry. The reverse or short iron condor is a limited risk-limited profit option trading strategy which generates a profit when the underlying asset makes a sharp move in either direction. Using options expiring on the same date, the option trader can construct a short iron condor by:.

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When the underlying security is expected to have high volatility, this strategy has a higher possibility of generating a limited profit. What Is A Covered Call? What Is Butterfly Spread? What Is Iron Butterfly Spread? What Is Condor Spread? What Is A Short Straddle? What Is A Short Strangle? What Is A Covered Put?

OAP 092: Position Sizing Impact On Returns [TLT Iron Condor Backtest]

Much more so that you would believe and today's show is the first in a new mini-series we are doing leading up to the launch of our new backtesting software. Inside we'll cover a case study using and iron condor backtest we ran on TLT including the impact on returns that altering the position size had on the portfolio. We've made it incredibly easy for you to save time by giving you instant access to the complete digital version of today's show. The intrinsic value of the short call was getting to be less than 10 cents.

At that point, should you still consider rolling up the unchallenged side of the condor, or just close it out?

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    Kirk currently lives in Pennsylvania USA with his beautiful wife and three children. There may be some weeks that have no entries, and rarely any overlap between trades. There was no IV rank filter, and we just made as many trades as we could.