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Meaning of "downtime" in the English dictionary. Synonyms and antonyms of downtime in the English dictionary of synonyms.

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Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about downtime. Keep going on hikes, keep having your friends in your life, keep that downtime sacred as well because as hard as you work in any job, it's really nice to have the relaxing de-stressors. Stress is the worst thing.

That's the ultimate demise of any good thing. I started out in theater, and then I got a job on a soap in New York. With a soap opera, its every day, all year long - there's no downtime , and you're shooting a show a day. In my downtime , you'll mostly find me curled up with a book.

I love reading biographies. I had some downtime with my career and I got complacent. I'm actually at home when I'm not on tour, and I have a lot of downtime. I'm busy and that's the way I like it - when I have too much downtime I get into trouble.

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Because I'm around comedians all the time, in my downtime I tend not to watch comedy. Something the whole family enjoys is 'You've Been Framed! It's universal, and we all laugh a lot. You think when you're a creative person. And I find pleasure in everything - if I'm in a flea market, I'm there on my downtime , but I'm also there searching for the collection.

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I don't separate the two. I'll be in a series for three or four episodes, but then I'll be off the series, and downtime , as an actor, is a little more than most people understand. Most of the time you're just sitting around taking coffee with friends. Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription.

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