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Oct 03, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: handwriting , kindle , non-fiction. This is a good book if you want a little taste of what Handwriting Analysis is all about. But in saying that you can also pretty much get what is inside this book on the internet as well only thing is you've got it within arms reach and possibly not the internet. It's o This is a good book if you want a little taste of what Handwriting Analysis is all about. It's opened my eyes to a lot more than I originally knew like which way does your handwriting slant, how do you cross your t's, what your y's say about you,etc.

Things I never knew about but now I do It's peaked my interest enough that I want to learn more about handwriting analysis. There is two things I'd like to note if you're thinking of purchasing this Kindle edition. But like I say if you want a taster then perhaps it won't bug you as much. Jun 10, Mark Murray rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one.

Shelves: journaling-writing. Worthless would be the word. Admittedly I went into this with a bit of skepticism. The little bit of this book that is not an advertisement for the authors course only works for cursive writing. Then to make it even better you actually need to buy some gauge and a set of cards to work the system. Total waste. Oh and before I go I should mention that most of the illustrations, well at least in my Kindle Voyage are unreadable.

Sep 25, Beverley rated it did not like it. Not much here. Mostly a platform to say "buy the rest of my stuff". Nov 14, Ana Paula Gonzalez Toledo rated it liked it. Nita Bandy rated it liked it Nov 20, Michael Brennan rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Barbara Leonard rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Selvi Pebrina rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Tammy rated it really liked it Jan 18, Tami Kraus rated it really liked it Oct 18, Lanette Thornock rated it liked it Nov 04, Swetha rated it liked it Jun 06, Amit Batra rated it really liked it Jul 23, Amazonalto rated it liked it Aug 19, Lindsy Haslam rated it really liked it Nov 20, Colette Badger rated it liked it Feb 28, Wendy Folse rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Janice Omar rated it it was amazing Nov 14, George Ripley , an important figure in that movement, stated that its leading idea was "the supremacy of mind over matter".

New Thought authors often quote certain verses from the Bible in the context of the Law of Attraction. An example is Mark 11 "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. In the late 19th century Swami Vivekananda traveled to the United States and gave lectures on Hinduism. These talks greatly influenced the New Thought movement and in particular, William Walker Atkinson who was one of New Thought's pioneers. Skeptical Inquirer magazine criticized the lack of falsifiability and testability of these claims.

The Law of Attraction has been popularized in the early 21st century by books and films such as The Secret.

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This film and the subsequent book [47] use interviews with New Thought authors and speakers to explain the principles of the proposed metaphysical law that one can attract anything that one thinks about consistently. Writing for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Mary Carmichael and Ben Radford wrote that "neither the film nor the book has any basis in scientific reality", and that its premise contains "an ugly flipside: if you have an accident or disease, it's your fault".

Others have questioned the references to modern scientific theory, and have maintained, for example, that the Law of Attraction misrepresents the electrical activity of brainwaves.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Law of attraction. Main articles. Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. Conversations with God Cosmic ordering Efficacy of prayer Homophily Internal locus of control Kybalion Law of contagion Magical thinking Medical students' disease Mind over matter Positive mental attitude Priming psychology Pygmalion effect Quantum mysticism Self-fulfilling prophecy Sympathetic magic. The Law Of Attraction.

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Scientific American. Live Science. Retrieved 31 March University of Colorado. Archived from the original PDF on Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Retrieved 5 December New Thought library. Retrieved 1 June Theosophical University Press, page Retrieved 2 July New York, F. Lee and Shepard Publishers, New Canaan, Conn. New Thought Library. Retrieved 13 June Cornerstone Publishing, The New York Times. The New York Times, 28 March Retrieved November 8, Retrieved ABC News.

Retrieved August 29, Chapter 8, part 18" PDF. Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 18 June Transformation guide.

Retrieved 3 Dec The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure. New York: Warner Books. Conspiracy Archive. Retrieved 27 November Remember username. Log in using your account on. Table of contents 1. Theory and History 2. Handwriting Features 2. Slant 2.

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Size 2. Pressure 2. Upper zone or case as in l, t, h, etc 2. Lower zone as in g, y, p, etc 2. Word spacing 2. Line spacing 2. Page margins 2.

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Middle zone or case as in a, c, e, etc 2. Arcade 2. Garland 2. Angle 2. Thread 2. Wavyline 2. Related Materials 3. Theory and History A person's handwriting - the script - and its placing on the page express the unique impulses of the individual: logically, the brain sends signals along the muscles to the writing implement they control.

Handwriting Features As previously stated there are around features - this introductory article attempts to explain some of the basic ones that can be readily understood and which give interesting information. Slant Right slant indicates a response to communication, but not how it takes place.

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If the handwriting is generally upright, this indicates independence. Size Handwriting is made up of three zones - or cases - middle, upper and lower. Pressure Heavy pressure indicates commitment and taking things seriously, but if the pressure is excessively heavy, that writer gets very uptight at times and can react quickly to what they might see as criticism, even though none may have been intended. Upper zone or case as in l, t, h, etc Tall upper strokes are reaching towards goals and ambitions or, if they are very extended, there may be unrealistic expectations of what the person feels they must achieve.

Lower zone as in g, y, p, etc Lower loops are also varied and have different meanings. For example a straight stroke shows impatience to get the job done. A 'cradle' lower stroke suggests an avoidance of aggression and confrontation.