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What is it: A new co-op Overlord RPG game (that can also be played in single player mode) set after the events of Overlord 2, which seems to.

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Everyone knows that life is unpredictable. Nobody has everything all figured out. We need to all stop pretending that we do!

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Even today, when I need a wake up call, smack in the face, or extra fuel to feed the fire, I still turn to Gattaca for inspiration. But who you are as a person, your integrity, your character, and how people remember you can live on forever. Importantly, I need to be able to look myself in the mirror and not feel the need to hang my head in shame. In addition, I need to be able to sleep soundly at night with a clear conscious.

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Totally dope feeling! Thank you all so much for all the support! Rouhani's announcement came just days after U. The Iranian president said European signatories of the nuclear accord have 60 days to negotiate new terms that would mitigate the impact of crippling sanctions imposed by the U. If the day deadline is not met, Rouhani said, Iran will end limits on uranium enrichment.

Stop pursuing your dream with reckless abandon!

Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser for Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt. Worth noting that Iran, who hawks keep insisting is a crazy irrational regime that can't be negotiated with, is responding pretty rationally to Trump's wildly reckless and irrational Iran policy.

Jamal Abdi, president of the National Iranian American Council NIAC , expressed concern about the Iranian government's decision to begin pulling back from the nuclear accord—but noted the move did not "occur in a vacuum. Abdi highlighted the startling similarities between Trump's escalation of tensions with Iran and the George W. Bush administration's rhetoric and actions in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. Bush administration's playbook for war with Iraq—tying Iran to al-Qaeda, baselessly stating that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, and politicizing intelligence assessments on Iran," said Abdi.

Progressive advocacy group MoveOn also noted that the Trump administration's attempts to escalate tensions with Iran are "alarmingly familiar":.

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Trump is pushing us toward the brink of war with Iran — and it all sounds alarmingly familiar. Since Trump withdrew the U.

NIAC founder Trita Parsi said in a series of tweets Wednesday that Iran's decision to take concrete steps in response to the Trump administration's hostile and dangerous behavior is "not surprising. Parsi noted that Iran is clearly attempting to uphold the nuclear agreement to which it has abided since its implementation in :.

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